Speakin' to oneself
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#1 [A to A] 16/07/27 20:26
just wanna spit out!!
Don try to talk to mi.

#102 [大好き!匿名]
i don't understand why he apologize to me?? what about??

⏰:17/04/20 01:31 📱:iPhone 🆔:aU62jvdo

#103 [大好き!匿名]
do you think i'm ok with dat u don't answer my line?? hell not

⏰:17/04/20 18:54 📱:iPhone 🆔:aU62jvdo

#104 [大好き!匿名]
so sad dat u don't reply my line.. i just wanna know dat, but u don't say anything... its hurts mi so much. help mi god. i don't wanna feel like this anymore

⏰:17/05/05 04:21 📱:iPhone 🆔:WRps12/I

#105 [大好き!匿名]
too childish men!! why don't u say da truth??

⏰:17/05/05 19:10 📱:iPhone 🆔:WRps12/I

#106 [大好き!匿名]
men please don't leave me without say anything. that is my only hope. let me know that. i know dat u don't need mi by ur side, b i really care about u almost 1year. you're not perfect n good men n u never treat mi like good enough b i still care about u. i don't know this is love or affection... cuz we don't spend much time for get know each other.

⏰:17/05/13 08:30 📱:iPhone 🆔:a14wzmic

#107 [大好き!匿名]
really??? OMG!! i can't believe dat he said...u bought it?? ok i understand dat u wanna erase mi. sure, u can do dat. You always ignore my feelings n mi. dats how u do right?? do whatever u want, men. i don't wanna feel pain anymore either.

⏰:17/05/14 04:40 📱:iPhone 🆔:hnMPltoc

#108 [大好き!匿名]
witch is real u?? yesterday was you?? when u came here u so sweet n nice. b when you are not here, u so cold lyk dry ice. which is i can't touch n talk n i can't hear anything.

⏰:17/05/21 07:24 📱:iPhone 🆔:.LrQYJpY

#109 [大好き!匿名]
i just ask dat 4 make it sure. cuz u just say dat to your friend by phone call,right?? so why don't you answer mi?? i know dat u'll never come here anymore n u never luv mi. bye bae. I'll never ask u anything anymore.

⏰:17/05/24 13:48 📱:iPhone 🆔:iBfKCv9Y

#110 [大好き!匿名]
rain falling down... is this ur feel?? r u ok now?? i can't do anything makes u feel be ok, b i always care 'bout u n thinkin 'bout u...

⏰:17/05/24 19:53 📱:iPhone 🆔:iBfKCv9Y

#111 [大好き!匿名]

⏰:17/05/24 21:50 📱:iPhone 🆔:YPbqZYX6


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