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#1 [A to A] 16/07/27 20:26
just wanna spit out!!
Don try to talk to mi.

#138 [大好き!匿名]
he explained mi why he mad yesterday. i just say, ur voice is different. b it's makes him mad. b i mean nothing for it. i just feel so i just say so. i'm sorry... anyway i'm so glad you call mi n explain dat☺

⏰:17/06/27 01:45 📱:iPhone 🆔:6Di5kP9M

#139 [大好き!匿名]
if you wanna let mi say gb u need to say dat first! u gatti??

⏰:17/07/02 00:17 📱:iPhone 🆔:g5BmNNAg

#140 [大好き!匿名]
is dat mean to say gb?? i can't be normal mi when i can't see u a month. how could i ??
u know what i just need u until u gone. i still have same feeling of u from da beginning.
i really don't care about we don't have future. i just wanna spend time w ur limited time. cuz we don't have time, n i think we'll not meet again when u came back.
so, it's important to mi to spend time together now!
what do u think about it??

⏰:17/07/02 23:28 📱:iPhone 🆔:g5BmNNAg

#141 [大好き!匿名]
i know dat u wanna have fun w ur friends n ex n family. i can understand dat. b they can meet u again , n i'm not! what u thinking anout this??

⏰:17/07/02 23:33 📱:iPhone 🆔:g5BmNNAg

#142 [大好き!匿名]
i remember when we met first time... i didn't know dat how we gonna be lyk now. it's so complicated n difficult. even i don't know dat u lyk mi or not. dats so sad cuz i stand lyk this over a year. i miss u n care about u everyday. b i feel loneliness n empty everyday too. if u lyk mi a little bit don't hurts mi anymore.

⏰:17/07/05 03:04 📱:iPhone 🆔:J.vy8Bho

#143 [大好き!匿名]
it's been a month from last time we met. now even ur not sure when u gone. so why u so cold lyk this. are u nervous right now?? or u don't need mi anymore?? i'm so tired to thinking lyk this. plz say something for real.

⏰:17/07/05 03:09 📱:iPhone 🆔:J.vy8Bho

#144 [大好き!匿名]
i need to go out somewhere to get my loneliness out of my head!
if i love someone again i better choose who always say how u feel everytime n who could say goodbye u need to.lol

⏰:17/07/07 19:14 📱:iPhone 🆔:NTjqqamE

#145 [大好き!匿名]
i'm so happy this time! cuz he came here n stay here lyk 18h. he eat my lunch n dinner n we talk a lot. dat was so amazing. n when he left here i don't wanna let him go so took his arm n hug him. i thought he gonna let mi out b he dosen't. he kissed mi head n he said he'll come again. i really really waiting this word.

⏰:17/07/11 00:30 📱:iPhone 🆔:8ma0ck6Q

#146 [大好き!匿名]
it was lyk a dream. 10x gad!! lol
when we talking he said i'm gonna change u to positive. really??
anyway when he go back home he still so sweet♡ he gave mi line. i know it's normal to athers b not us. lol b i have to say dat i still can't get what he thinking about mi.

⏰:17/07/11 00:40 📱:iPhone 🆔:8ma0ck6Q

#147 [大好き!匿名]
u can't contact w him again... i called him one time he hung up n second call he didn't answer it. also he don't look at a LINE from yesterday 3pm. how could u do dat again?? u said u keep distance cuz u r dependence parson. b it's different!! i wanna know what's going on. if u gone already i'm so shock. plz let mi know it. i'm fuckin worry about u!!

⏰:17/07/15 22:58 📱:iPhone 🆔:uFW9HNjw


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