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#1 [A to A] 16/07/27 20:26
just wanna spit out!!
Don try to talk to mi.

#151 [大好き!匿名]
n i make $ for him dinner for him massage him then dat job?? is dat possible?? i don't think so. do u think i'm useful woman for ya?? cuz dat aditud makes mi feel dat way. when i change mi LINE account why u gave mi a massage?? it's truth i still care about ya, b it's not right way to treat mi, u know dat??

⏰:17/08/02 06:59 📱:iPhone 🆔:x6om9j6Y

#152 [大好き!匿名]
and u said u think u have 2month left if dat problem gone. i'm so happy to help u to stay here, b if u gonna fuck athers cuz i help u to make time to stay, i'm gonna get angry n never ever forgive u. u know what?? i'm so scared. i'm sure dat u gonna say negative again!lol u makes mi negative men! look what u did men!!

⏰:17/08/02 07:14 📱:iPhone 🆔:x6om9j6Y

#153 [大好き!匿名]
i feel so bad cuz i know dat she get hurts lyk mi cuz i met him when she worry about him. i had same station lyk dat... so i know how she feel right now. of couse I'll feel dat way if he did same thing to mi.,, how am i gonna do?? hey God, do u think i better not pay for dat?? forget it! i already pay dat... daaaam. i just wanna help him, b if it's not helpful... i don't wanna hurts anybody men!

⏰:17/08/04 10:15 📱:iPhone 🆔:KT/ikvOA

#154 [大好き!匿名]
all i did was what he want n what he need. also i did it right day right time. u know what makes mi feel dis respective?? cuz everytime u said I'll call u b u never did. then when i try to reach u something happens to ya. so we can't contact. i know u got do something. of cause🙄 b r u sure dat u don't have time to say mi some excuse??

⏰:17/08/12 14:22 📱:iPhone 🆔:NkbqQgQk

#155 [大好き!匿名]
everytime i put u my no.1 priority. n this time da money things i work so hard. n i believed ya this time, cuz i thought ur mature n i thought u think it's helpful 4ya. n if i am dat position I'll put dat my no.1 priority too. b i gess u r not. i thought we're same page... b it's not ether.
i don't mean i need my staff back right now!! it's not lyk dat. i mean just 1call , i just wanted to see u do what u say. don't makes mi feel miserable again men. be a men.

⏰:17/08/12 14:39 📱:iPhone 🆔:NkbqQgQk

#156 [大好き!匿名]
phone call is so hard to make?? i don't get it. i trasted u men. i didn't say anything about money, am i??
u suppose to call mi when u get ur job done, cuz u promise dat since u find this problem out, right??
u want to get away from mi n go back to ur ex again?? if u really want do it. if u do dat I'll never ever gonna help u n talk u n see u again. cuz dats enough

⏰:17/08/12 14:48 📱:iPhone 🆔:NkbqQgQk

#157 [大好き!匿名]
everytime he got upset he need his own space n shut out. then all he think about is himself n don't care anybody. lyk be in selfish.
i don't think it's working good way. it's acting lyk totally negative! what u get in there men??
i think it's just wasting of ur time.
don't waste ur time men. u don't have much time right now, ain't u?? why don't u spit out??

⏰:17/08/12 15:48 📱:iPhone 🆔:NkbqQgQk

#158 [大好き!匿名]
i think it's over now. i can't trust u anymore, n i'm so tired to waiting. gb men. have a nice days. i don't care about money, b u realize mi dat u r da same as ather men. u really really don't care dat if u hurt somebody who really care about n who really wanna help u. keep going ur way! u choose dat way.
don't say I'll call u again. i don't wanna wait anything anymore. cuz u ignore mi a lot. i wait u call 4days. i don't think u don't have time to call mi. done

⏰:17/08/14 05:54 📱:iPhone 🆔:etGr1Dk2

#159 [大好き!匿名]
why u came here?? i thought we are over n become friend. if u just wanna have sex I'll hate u. i wanna say dat u don't need mi to give mi back my money, if u don't wanna contact w mi. b i can't. cuz u block my line n call. fuck u

⏰:17/09/16 01:55 📱:iPhone 🆔:sXJaLFBU

#160 [大好き!匿名]
Dath or arrest, you can not get the chance to escape it!! Cuz u did so much wrong and u harts mi a lot. Fuck you n never ever see u again

⏰:18/01/14 00:20 📱:iPhone 🆔:5zkd5XsA


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